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What a difference a week makes

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments

Caleigh all swollen 3 days ago on the ventilator

Caleigh today in her crib

who dressed this girl? Mommy no matchiee...

Today, the last of Caleigh's IV's were taken out & we moved her back into her crib. We finally got to hold her and I think that made all of us happy! Caleigh still has the replogle suction tube that goes down her nose and into her stomach. It's working to get all of the stomach acids and drainage out. Right now it is a light yellow-green color and as soon as it gets clearer and less of the amount then we will start feeds. She was so content to be back in her own crib with all of her things. She watched her mobile for a long time and then fell asleep propped up in her boppy.

Caleigh's skin and eye color is extremely yellow or jaundice after the surgery. Her liver levels are called direct and indirect


. They went up considerably after this last surgery due to all the trauma that she went through (7.3 to 13.2). Indirect is the normal newborn or preemie jaundice that is cured in 2-3 days with phototherapy lights. Direct bilirubin has to do with the liver and in Caleigh's case is cased by her IV nutrition of TPN & Lipids. The IV nutrition has to be processed and broken down by the liver because it is intravenous. We are most concerned with Caleigh's direct bilirubin because it shows us that she has developed


. Her poor liver function was the main cause of her bleeding during surgery and the many blood transfusions & platelets that she has received in the past week. As a side effect of Cholestasis, Caleigh has the yellowed eyes and skin tone. The ideal cure for this would be to get Caleigh off of the TPN as soon as possible and to start full bottle feeds. Right now we are cycling her TPN & Lipids off for 4 hrs a day to give her liver a rest. She is also getting phenobarbital, which is a seizure medicine, with the side effect of lowering bilirubin levels. I just wanted to explain this to everyone since Caleigh's eyes have been getting more yellow with each picture I post. So hopefully there are lots bottles and poopie diapers to come!

Can you believe that Christmas is in......... 5 days!



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