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201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray3 Comments

Yesterday, our surgeon started Caleigh on Pedialyte. She was getting 5ml an hour continuous through her G-button. Last night she had three poopie diapers and was tolerating it wonderfully. So today when the surgeon came by, he started Caleigh on the


formula that she had been on before. She is getting half strength (mixed with water) at 5 ml an hour continuous drip through her G-button. Like all the times before, we will have to wait until the amount she is getting is higher before we know if there will be any issues. Were crossing our fingers, saying our prayers and hoping that this is the time her little belly works like it should.

Caleigh had an echo of her heart done the day after Christmas and everything came back great. They did some blood work to check her thyroid and it came back fine as well. The medicine that they started a few days ago is helping control her blood pressure so I'm sure she will be on it for awhile. I think they have decided that the blood pressure issue is a product of the poor liver function. So again, the sooner we get Caleigh on full milk feeds; the better everything else will be.

On the developmental front lines ..... We have been working with Caleigh to bring her hands & arms in towards her chest and she has started to do it on her own now. She has also started to hold objects in her hands and she is slowly starting to grab for things. We're also working on teaching her to bat at objects. It's a lot of fun..... Smiling? Nope, not just yet. We still get the adorable sleepy smiles but we haven't been able to get her to crack one on her own yet. Well just have to keep working on it ;-)



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