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Won't let no surgery hold us down

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Caleigh 4 days post surgery

Today Caleigh has really made some baby steps toward the right direction. The doctors continue to wean her vent settings and she will be on the regular ventilator in about a day or so (once the swelling has gone down enough) and then once they wean her from that she will be put back on the Cpap. You can see that she is breathing around the vent and that is still really reassuring. Caleigh's swelling has gone down a lot! She still needs to lose quite a bit, but as you can tell by the picture she looks a lot better. She was a lot more active today, maybe a little too active! She kept struggling with the tubes in her throat and fighting against them! I wouldn't want them either. So nurse Linda gave her some medicine to calm her down and it worked great. Our little fighter is back :-) Caleigh's urine output is wonderful and the doctors are slowly weaning her off the steroids and diuretics. Little baby steps for such a big girl! As for me, well......, mommy Gray seems to be a bit anemic and in need of some iron supplements. Dizzy, weak and tired seem to be my middle names lately so hopefully I will be feeling a little better soon and possibly have more energy! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Much Love


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