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yeast..or is it?

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments

Caleigh holding her pink hippo (aka paci holder)

Look how clear the whites of her eyes are & we have a pink baby! Caleigh's bili was 2.8 this week!

She has also started growing just a bit. Caleigh weighs 9 lbs 1 oz as of today.

Well, the ball is still out on whether or not Caleigh has a yeast infection all over her chest. The Nystatin cream doesn't seem to be helping at all and we have been using it since Tuesday evening. So today we started putting Lamisil cream, another anti fungal, on the area. You may have heard of's used for athletes foot, yep Miss Caleigh will have the shiniest tootsies (or belly) in the unit. Yesterday we did blood work and Caleigh's white blood count is normal. This means that she doesn't have an infection in her blood. We have been closely watching her CVL and so far so good. There are a few questionable spots under the dressing but we aren't going to change the dressing just yet because that just opens the area up to infection.

This morning our GI doc came and met with us about Caleigh going to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital. We got a lot of our questions answered and we just love that man! Eric and I still have a lot of research and discussing to do, but we are at least in favor of taking Caleigh up there for an evaluation and also to get a second opinion on feeding, meds & just general gut stuff. We aren't sure of a date yet and we have to wait on her records to be evaluated, insurance to be taken care of, etc. etc. Until then our docs are going to consult with their connections across the country to get as many opinions as they can about Caleigh's care.

So the plan is to watch the rash, stay at 5ml an hour, and definitely research & educate ourselves.

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