Made of Gray

The conceptual inspiration for my photography comes from the traumatic birth, life and complicated existence of my medically fragile child. Taking this path lead me to my latest body of work - The Caregiver Project. The idea behind The Caregiver Project, still in its infancy, has grown through increased interest throughout the special needs and disability community with families across the United States and Canada that have expressed interest in participating. This continued interest will give this project economic and cultural diversity. The work of a caregiver is often overlooked when the person needing this care is unmistakable to the human eye. Some may say that my closeness to this subject is a hindrance, but I believe that it allows me as an artist to freely dive into situations that are otherwise clouded in isolation, daily rigor, mental strain and ridicule. My aspirations for The Caregiver Project involve brief stories and quotes to accompany the diverse collection of documented imagery. In the end, my goals for this body of work include a professionally published book and a broad online presence involving caregivers not only locally here in Texas, but across the globe. 

There is a critical need to educate those that may be unaware of the condition of a soul that survives through disability and fragility. This often comes in the form of advocacy efforts, visual and written communications, and conceptual art that inspires the viewer to ask what it is that they are considering.

If you are raising a child with a disability and would like to be a part of The Caregiver Project please fill out my contact form or email me directly at